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Title: The Breakdown

Artist: Decompoze (of Binary Star) featuring RoSpit and OneBeLo

Album: Maintain Composure

Verse 1 (Decompoze):

All this corniness it’s hard to tell what the smooth shit

My duel spit a mix of full clip and a bull whip

So when I’m in the house don’t even rap, don’t even act concern

When it’s time bust I can snap when your back is turned

So relax and learn, I guarantee all my tracks confirm

I’m well anticipated like a tax return

We sleepin on you cus you sprung and acting firm

We fertilize like and eggs contact with sperm

Compoze ain’t marketable

I make a mark with the flow that’s remarkable

So my speech is more wide and shit, reach I’m world widen it

Teach the pure scientist, peace your girl’s riding it

And I can go about a mile a minute, the wild lieutenant

Your whole team foul and timid

Your style is finish, your whole profiles a gimmick

And we never half step, we mobile infinite (get it)

Verse 2 (RoSpit):

I spit pain from the soul, it came with the flow

No change, no thang letting lame niggas know

Same with hoes they change with the clothes

You need to get another hustle like Dame with the show

Aim for your throat, fire like the flame

Or the thang when it rang and it bang from the toast

At the same time, Ro leave you froze

Like the snow or the blow when goes in your nose

Show props yo, wont flop no

Watch the chain of events like an old cop show

Like Ro got go, Promo drop doe

Ro rock show, Ro pop Mo

Now Ro in a zone, you ain’t coming close

Niggas stay in your lane, it’s the game I suppose

Speakin of the game

Kid got it locked with a twist like the wig on Damon compose

Verse 3 (OneBeLo):

In the city all these new jacks be nimble, rappers want a nibble

I give all a penny for dentals under they pillow

Gimme got shot, with little bullets that riddle

Late night Jimmy Kimmel or maybe a little Leno

No time to get sentimental, send a memo

I’m built with the skill and the skin of armadillo

Compoze instrumental makes the women want to wiggle

In the middle with they limbs stretched out like a limo

Raised in the ghetto, they ain’t on my level

When I see any dilemma yo it’s time to make lemons

It’s a new speed limit in the fast lane wheel’in

Metaphor definition to the fullest how I’m live’n

Fly with the gizmo twelve oh one (12:01)

If you see me eatin dinner, that’s the sign of a gremlin

This is how get’em with the analog digital

See you later alligator crocodile dido

Title: Mica

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

When I first saw you, you were open on a flyer

Coping wit desire, im hopin you admire

The words that im offering, non aggressive

A little softer then but I often went

To where, to the spot where I could give you more of me

You were surrounded by ten men like Dorothy

I was the only one who felt your pain

While all these selfish lames wanted wealth and gain

Seems way back in my memory

Before you were gimmicky, you were mad selective and finicky

Now everybody want to date your tail

When I looked in the source, you on they ratin scale

Cant wait to tell, but you on alittle delay

I understand you had to catch a ride from the dj

She say, this right here is more than karaoke night

For me and you to both unite, you really gotta hold me right

Verse 2:

Its hard for me to keep a hold of you like hot rocks

So when we hook up the outcome is top notch

When we conversate the people jump like hop scotch

You only act bug when the sound man cock blocks

I cant afford not reap your

So I go for mine when im rapped in your accord

Some times I go against the engineers wishes

Spit protectors cant interfere with the dearest kisses

I treat you like your royalty that’s why you spoil me

With your up most loyalty

Always on strut with swaggering tail

When wack cats talk to you it makes me madder than hell

They view you as an object, that’s why they object

To this form of odd sex

You take dead silence and give sound to make it live

All ways stay raised through the negative and expletives

Used and abused and still remain respectable

Take the words I say and multiply the decibels

My thoughts and ideas you speak them even louder

Me and you together on stage control the crowd

Title: Brand Nu

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

A yo girl whats your make up, She said atoms and molucules

Sexy and she’s volatile erect stood my follicle

She tried to leave me wet and hangin like a clothesline

Open up your close mind I show you what compoze find

A girl that’s lookin for lust and one that’s feinin love

On the real im the man that you’ve been dreamin of

I guess I was becoming annoying jus like some screamin does

Because she said some words I didn’t know the meanin of

She told me that she liked her man darker than

Wit my fam bargin in, I went deep like Fran Tarketon

I told her that she was deceived in the mind

You better recognize pigment plus the ether that’s nine

I turned around cus she was hittin my nerves

Then my joint came on, she started spittin the words

Then turned back thinking yo this chic is a head

Pulled my pen out my pocket and this is what I said

Title: Good Vibe

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

While you try to maintain in this game, we play to win it

While you out of hear in one year, we stay infinite

While you struggle just to past the class, we major in it

Makin the crowd hold up like wait a minute

Let me up in it, the head nod is what im after

You caught up in my rapture, the groove im about to capture

I got laughter, at the not to sample nonsense

This goes to those who took good times and played it constant

Ya beats aint dope just cus you make em up

Space you takin up, its time for some wakin up

No need for genius if simple minds found

I parental guide clowns wit them synthesize sound

Samplings the foundation, but what seein around nations

Is that this art is now facing

Extinction, peace to all the real beat makers

Lockin down studios, out we keep fakers

So imma stay on top like a balcony

Invest in the best man like Malcolm Lee

Hip hops here forever, that’s no doubt to me

And when it’s hot in the cold is where ya out and be

Title: React

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

Wit snares and kicks and glares and grit

We dare to fix the errors and shit that tears and rips

Our aves and streets, the savage beast they ravage heat

We have to teach our average peps

Pardon me like an amnesty cus I cant see the fantasy

When man lust greed, the plan must be to be the rottenest

I plant my seed like a botanist, I show you where the problem is

Beneath the surface you been purchased like Louisiana

The lead commander got you searching for a freer landa

Besides the greed and glimmer of what you seen, right

My keen sight signals me to go like green light

And use the knowledge I possess like and exorcism

Extra rhythm set to hit em wit the best of wisdom

This aint a exhibition, this is the next tradition

My definition etch and stitched from my expedition

Title: Chocolate Shake
Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

I want to taste you now with the quickness

Might need a bigger straw cus you milk with thickness

Don’t have to be the richest, (naw) see my tongue does everything

See im a merry king when you’re my dairy queen

You give me chills when I lick fast, when its my turn to take a splash

I got your milk on my beard and mustache

No napkins to cover me up, im greedy when your ingredients

Got me all up in your Double D cup

Let me stop before you make me chock

Chocolate or butterscotch, yo I’ll take you both

Had to add more pop just to make you float

Got the cherry from the top and I watched it soak

Cant think of what to add to better you cus

Seems like the hotter you got the wetter you was

What ever its love, that had me post the following

Im lactose intolerant but still close and followin

Verse 2:

Im not just talking about dark complected

But anything far from ethnic would probably be hard to mess with

But since we both bless with enough time to zone

If im tryin to bone, don’t even mind im grown

You got me border-line trippin

But this sort of rhyme spittin only refines women once they minds risen

If im given the proper opportunity

Usually my unity last longer than amunity

Diplomatic, flyest hips can have

You want whips and lavish life, it can manage

Relate you to drink ,yo its all in fun

I only dip my straw in one til im all in done

And its good to the last drop, my hood is the last stop

My wood is the mascot it should get your ass hot

Fudge sundae, I hope you get the picture

And me and my banana will come and split ya, im wit cha

Title: Decomposition

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition


Since my brand of hip-hop has been injected the worlds infected

Whites don’t respected and blacks reject it

See I been selected to carry the torch

In a direction so high that it could barely scorch

Its strange how I stayed out of severe stress mode

Blowin other cats up put my career on hold

But everything happens on time

Now you startin to realize why you barely heard decompoze rhyme

But wasn’t by no choice of my own, my voice on the song

Usually I omitted so my boys could get on

But my confidence gave me what I desire

Long as I do it the right way I be rewarded by a power higher

My time to drop is now like Apocalypse

You about to see how wild its about to get

Everybody in the crowd is about to trip

Turn the kicks up Zhao make em rock to this

Title: Lap 2

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

Who can it be, kicking like Bruce to the Lee

We keep it raw, gonna score wit oop or a three

You couldn’t hang if you came wit a noose and a tree

Impact blue devils back like a duke enemy

We arrive indy five, now you losing the lead

Droppin quotes, shockin volts that shoot energy

Rap is bleak so when you speak, speak the truth to the seeds

You wouldn’t know, you went for doe and you use to mc

You represent ignorance and you choose to deceive

All my peeps, got em sleep for some loot and some g’s

Decompoze and freakin flos is how I prove INN-O-V

Ation to nations and move entities

For the sub I love like lucy and D ezzy

Stay ready cus the truth we believe

But of course we bring the force that luke can achieve

It’s the men droppin gems like we knew synergy

Verse 2:

Its my last last transmission, never slippin cus we lubed on up

Check your dip-stick dip-shit levels moved on up

The groves gone up rpm’s heads bond to blow a gasket

The smoke from the hood got em coughin/coffin like a casket

No choking yo, we keep it fuel injected

Fools infected so my angle is just to symmetric

I use a method called the hand over

Now when the bands over im a land rover until my grand-daughter

Subterran is the brand I chose

Always keep my cool cus my fans and hose

And it goes on, so plan to be dead

While you sleep im over heads like a canopy bed

Can it be said, that you only worth what you make

From the birth I set it straight, check a verse investigate

From my first conception date to the dirt you separate

You bond to hear the change like a church collection plate

Title: All Out

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition


It’s the clash of the titans, my craft is the written

My task is excitin the mass im inviting

My brain taps like morse code on lame cats that flourish gold

In nourish mode your chorus fold

I was granted the power to rock the scene

Decompoze got more pull than a slot machine

In fact to handle take a stack of andro

It’s the rap commando, thundercats like pantro

Lets tally rhymes, you got one track like sallys mind

In waterworld, your three hours back like cali time

Im inna different time zone, shine like a rhinestone

Make scents like pine cone if your tense your minds blown

I find new ways to school macho new jays

Im fly homes, I sky domes like Toronto blue jays

So who say they see all, expose like Montreal

While we goin up you goin down like a see-saw

Title: Take A Stand

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

All it take is like one verse, to make the tongue burst wit the flavorin

We played to win while you cats plain caterin

To the masses, or whoever you think you favorin

Laborin to make chips like potato skins

That’s why im so damn aggressive, the whole plan invested

With slow jams and def shit, im left wit

The type of standard that could never be reached

My is branded with a heavenly speak

Poisoning your body will leave you earlin in fact

We conjure up the potion like we merlin in hat

Whirlin it back, restart the needle position

We need you to listen, from masters to the fetal edition

My reason for given, consistency through the industry

My infantry aimed at mtvs and mp-threes

Why cats go and let they style flip-flop

It’s a mistery like watching Al Hitchcock

Verse 2:

Wit complete poems we try to keep the streets sown

To each own, your weak dome got you runnin back like Priest Holms

Defeat clones and pretend crews in, wit styles we been using

While you ball we pump it up like infusion

The rap games so inflated, that’s why I been stated

Indy five-hundred is how our pens made it

Then laid it on the line for a sec

Cus my mind retrospect, was in a time of neglect

In effect at a rap show the affords is to stack doe

Holy macro, my mental king like sacro

Like tac toe we circle corners EX’n blocks

Your affords stop when we next to rock, wreckin spots

People please you cant compete with these, I freak the beat wit ease

Save the name knowin for Alicia Keys

Peep the steeze, its all do to my expertise

You got beef bring some extra cheese

Title: Heart of the Matter

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

In the heart of the matter the fall of mc’s was the start of the rapper

Cus the charts you go after

If ya thinking like slaves your be shrinkin away

So we linkin like Ab with the ink and a page

If you blink you get slayed, we called the blind mans bluff

We use rhyme handcuff, to confine mans touch

Me and my mind stand tuff, it hard to sale we keep paddling

My noun pattern was heard through sound travellin

You found rattlin in a pit that’s full of weak snakes

There's no sweet papes in this sweetstakes cheapskates

I freak breaks that’s cut funny

My stood the test of time like an ancient Tut Mummy

You say what dummy, I cant stand your flo it borrin

Thinkin nothing really matters like D’angelo and Lauren

But it all has the matter from lyric to the rhythmic

To a suffocating music fresh air is what we give it

Verse 2:

For mad long MC’s sing that same sad song

Of shottin clocks on the block in hip hop you need to add on

Son’s bitches pay tons riches to rap about guns and ditches

The ones who misses out no doubt, is the raw punch-line sayers

Wit skills but lose deals to ball crunch time players

Layers of my obscurity will lead to my maturity

Insecurity is lack of purity so be sure of thee

Rec excecs who try to electrocute eels, lets execute the skills

That makes the less than cute jus chill

You best to shot to kill, hip hops in a inflation

People get deals not by skills but by relation

Slow down you never win the racin, so make a pit stop

Yo I rip shop in hip hop so just stop

Frontin with the rolex on the wrist top

Thick knot you made little pennies like Cris rock

Verse 3:

See n the heart of the Mc’s write like john Carpenter

Create joints that make points like a sharpener

On a pencil number 2, instrumentals im runnin thru

Wit immense flo’s that make you wonder who

The terrorist blowin up like the Hindenburg

My style bending words, pinchin nevres wit my clinching verbs

Im sending nerds to the drawin board like an architect

Your targeted, we on the go like mark get set

Its hard to get respect, so convince me fag

Makin words rhyme don’t give you no MC tag

You can sense D’s mad infuriated cus im against

Those that think Mc’s and rappers is synonymous

We let it fall like a pit that’s bottomless

Aint no stopping this, we stay in our prime like optimus

We sending this out like a heat seeking missile

For those who don’t know, heres your means for dismissal

Title: We Over Here
Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition


See while you caught up in the rump shakin

Im dump taken, on funk fakin dumb pagan punks makin

Lyrics wit that bank talking we aint gawking

When im on that shank stalkin, you plank walkin

Make a splash I’ll make a gash right though your pancreas

(You Drew Bledsoe) I thought you was a patriot

More blue than the red and white, your mother should have dead your life

Utter what I said tonight, im butter wit the bread and knife

Off ,im the setting type, especially on the podium

What he’s rollin in he’ll get broke on like linoleum

The vote is in (underground) been out lawed like Josie Wells

(Decomposition) got brains fishing like a Mosley tale

Only hell goes who make it on the microphona

Chemically im clear and dangerous like ammonia

(Dick heads) cant come wit thoughts if your brain was beside your boner

Im from the mitten you gloves go see isotoner

Title: Freakin Flows

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

Let me let my style go’a, wit Nile flo’a

Then I’ll throw a style that rocks like balboa

I’ll show ya how I touchdown like end zones

Bend bones on them clones who get the big head like down syndrome

(So whats ya hat sizes), wet you up like baptize

All these wack guys get me pea’d

Never made a cent cus so im hard to smell

You will fail cus you roll wit shady cats like gargamel

Battle me, why even challenge dame

Invalid lame, you need to CB4 like Allan Pain

My talons reign like a cumulus

Man if he’s new to this, im comin atom like a nucleus

No shottin this not even if you let the techs voom

Inject fumes that reck rooms like that dec tune

Decompoze freakin flo’s son remember the rhyme

While that chats I implant like a assembly line

Verse 2:

You get no wins when I close in, with spoken explosion

You couldn’t hang with clothespins

Compoze in the house, so remain in the place to be

You couldnt escape if your name was Jermaine dupri

Its plane to see when I kick up a wicked rhyme

Getting mine on ticket fines, strikin like a picket line

Or a boycott, employ plots that destroy spots

Sit back and enjoy props, while your convoy flops

So consider me blessed, beats and rhymes we mesh

When everything be fresh, you follow D like E F

Mix it jus like a blender when I enter

The stage like blackmoon, your style sucks like a vacuum

Im comin in sparkin yall

Claimin you rock big, but you cant little rock like Arkansas

You boast and boast, from coast to coast I slaughter residents

With watts that leave knots like water measurements

Verse 3:

Im about to come wit some shit, so call it assterbation

My skills so sharp the mic has lacerations

Indeed I proceed wit the speed of Keanu Reeves

To race at a pace the Chevy couldn’t even chase

Recite like eyes to all the pupils who cant focus

No need to ask the DEA you know whos the dopest

I hope this shows that im sharp as a blade like a sensei

While Mc’s half step like Kunta Kinte

Title: Indy 500

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

Start your engines bogue pole position got me sittin

In the 5th row, you only go if your gassed like citco

And since my terrorist car is brand new

My pit crew consists of me and the Binary 2

For your car, you got the luxury of a star

You got a crew of 2 dozen plus an A&R

That’s your axel and your ratchet, cus after he get rich man

You skid out in a ditch, and be abandon need refixin

You also got the pressure 1st and 2nd no lesser

If you don’t, you think your drive again, ya never

See its not about the car, it’s the way you drivin it

If you cant change lanes and maintain, then you wont survive in it

I revive in it, the record wreckage I steer through

Comin from behind unseen by review

You sleep in your seat, don’t even know whats the deal

No suggestions on directions, they controlling your wheel

And if you ever finish first a platinum trophy is risen

Your prize money, your staff of 2 dozen got dibs in

Know the cars, know the race cus if you get out smarted

It dont matter where you finish, you’ll end up where you started

Verse 2:

It’s a battle of dave and Goliath, the big and small

We need to take control of this shit and get it all

Expected these rec execs to take a fall

I came to collect my checks and that’s my call

Don’t confuse it, they pay your dumb ass to abuse it

To get rich they use it then they call it nigga music

You lose it, your soul for some crumbs and promo

But if you really want the doe bro you would go solo

You puttin food on your table playin the game wrong

While downing that fast food, they eat filet mignon

They applied the pressure so you gave them a song

And if that shit don’t hit, the next day your gone

My copy rights are exclusive for me usage

They make you a public nuisance, every unit you get 2 cents

I got influence, the underground the x-factor

Its record deal slavery so when you sign say yes master

Title: Good Vibe

Artist: Decompoze

Album: Decomposition

Verse 1:

While you try to maintain in this game, we play to win it

While you out of hear in one year, we stay infinite

While you struggle just to past the class, we major in it

Makin the crowd hold up like wait a minute

Let me up in it, the head nod is what im after

You caught up in my rapture, the groove im about to capture

I got laughter, at the not to sample nonsense

This goes to those who took good times and played it constant

Ya beats aint dope just cus you make em up

Space you takin up, its time for some wakin up

No need for genius if simple minds found

I parental guide clowns wit them synthesize sound

Samplings the foundation, but what seein around nations

Is that this art is now facing

Extinction, peace to all the real beat makers

Lockin down studios, out we keep fakers

So imma stay on top like a balcony

Invest in the best man like Malcolm Lee

Hip hops here forever, that’s no doubt to me

And when it’s hot in the cold is where ya out and be

Verse 2

When its time to take flight, yo I soar like a scab

The subterraneous crew is on tour with a wrath

Don’t call me greedy, I want more than I have

Now its time to drop science cus these cats jus bored wit tha math

I go to war with anything in my path, despite others

When it comes to elevation im the Wright brother

Ask me whats my motivation if you might wonder

Is to be more amazing and unite under

A common goal and a common cause, the subject is kinda lost

With all this bitten its time to floss

Rhyming cost jus a simple fraction, the work is taxin

It’s the instrumental captain attackin your mental caption

Yea, you heard the album so you know whats up

The golden touch, I hold it up wit a colbra clutch

So fold it up cus over here you getting laughed at

Perhaps that classics where im from and where im at black