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***All 12'INCH MAINTAIN COMPOSURE pre-orders include a free Decompoze Presents mix cd digital download 100% produced by Decompoze and featuring MC Juice, Binary Star, RoSpit, Magestik Legend, Jamall "Buff 1" Buford, T. Calmese, Melanie Rutherford, L.O.G.I.C., etc.

Independence Day 2017, Decompoze, of the group Binary Star, returns with another impactful contribution to hip hop with his second solo album. In this day in age of global instability, this LP is a sound bed of reassurance aptly titled MAINTAIN COMPOSURE.  With Decompoze’s penmanship and beat production talents at the forefront, MAINTAIN COMPOSURE also features verses by some highly regarded veteran hip hop MC’s; J.U.I.C.E., One Be Lo, RoSpit, the Subterraneous Crew and some new talent to the hip hop world, Sarah “Lady Essence” Violette and T-Logic.

Track List
This Side
1. Maintain Composure
2. Open Heart/Closed Mind
3. Movement featuring Lady Essence
4. It’s Alright
5. Gotta Get It featuring Kodac and OneBeLo

That Side track list
6. Refuse To
7. The Breakdown featuring RoSpit and OneBeLo
8. Brother 2 Brother
9. What’s Lifes About featuring T. Calmese and Logic
10. Yall Don’t Want It
11. D*ILL*JUICE featuring Juice and T. Calmese

This Special Edition 10 Year Anniversary Decompositions Double CD was originally released January 23, 2007 as Decompoze's long anticipated solo debut album. This album features by some of Hip Hops most talented artists, J.U.I.C.E, OneBeLo, Elzhi of Slum Village, KT and Buff 1 of Athletic Mic League, and all the members of the Subterraneous Crew. Decompoze embodies the true essence of real Hip Hop. And for you classic Golden Era Hip Hop addicts this release will fit in perfectly with your Subterraneous Hip Hop music collection.

Track List
1. Decomposition
2. Lap 2 featuring One Be LO
3. Mica (phone check)
4. Same Song
5. All Out featuring  Juice, Invincible, Magestik Legend, One Be LO, Elzhi
6. Take a Stand featuring Kodac
7. Brand Nu featuring Buf 1 & Illite
8. Good Vibe featuring 14KT
9. Heart of the Matter
10. React  featuring Zhao-Ski
11. Chocolate Shake featuring Octane
12. Don't Stop, Don't Quit
13. We Over Here featuring Octane, Illite, & One Be LO)
14. Freakin Flows featuring One Be Lo
15. Indy 500
16. Outro